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Nov 9, 2018

The gang get together to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2 & Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, and give you their thoughts. Aaron give us his spoiler free review of Venom, and other shenanigans.

Sep 5, 2018

Scott, Aaron and Taylor get together this week to discuss the goings on in the Geek world. Topics include Disney Play, new TV and Movie  casting announcements, E-Sports and the latest arc of Saga Comics.

Aug 12, 2018

Scott, Aaron and Tyler get together and talk about San Diego Comic-Con, the wildly popular game Fortnite & Aaron's frightening nightmares.

Jun 3, 2018


Scott, Aaron & Tyler give you their thoughts on Deadpool 2 and other geek news.

May 12, 2018


Scott & Aaron give you their review of the highly anticipated Avenger: Infinity War plus some other not as interesting stuff.